• Visual Snow / Transparent Energy In The Air

    Visual Snow / Transparent Energy In The Air

    The first time I ever experienced this phenomena I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. It felt as though my vision was about to be taken over by these particles of vibrating energy pulsating towards the center of my vision. Three years ago I had no idea what this ‘vibrating mist’ was and I […]

  • Shielding Against Improper Spiritual Awakening

    Shielding Against Improper Spiritual Awakening

    When we talk about spirituality it is usually met with ideas of positivity and happiness, however for some people that choose a more spiritual lifestyle, but have not yet balanced themselves, over seeking spirituality and enlightenment can be a lonely and difficult path. Reaching frequencies you are not prepared for through chanting for instance, can […]

  • Steps To A More Zen Home: Earthing & Feng Shui

    Steps To A More Zen Home: Earthing & Feng Shui

    When it comes to improving your home environment there are lots of simple tricks you can implement in order to have the most blissful and relaxing one possible. In this article we are going to cover sound, smell, space (colours and light) as well as earthing techniques. Although nothing can ever be as beneficial and […]

  • ASMR: How To Become More Sensitive

    ASMR: How To Become More Sensitive

    Types of Sensory Perception It seems there is a considerable amount of understanding today about why some people are more sensitive than others, but not much understanding as to why some of us do not possess the qualities of being sensitive, and unable to experience something like ASMR for example. Therefore, the question is, should a person learn to be more […]

  • ASMR: A Cure for Anxiety and Insomnia

    ASMR: A Cure for Anxiety and Insomnia

    ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is a new phenomenon which aids people into sleep, relaxation and calmness. It is characterized as a pleasurable feeling that begins in the head region and can travel down into the spine and up again for some people. This ‘tingling’ feeling can be triggered in response to visual […]

  • What Really Is Yoga?

    What Really Is Yoga?

    The word Yoga originally comes from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means to join together. This idea of joining forces together can be understood further when one understands that yoga is the practice of becoming one with your body and mind, as well as your environment. To understand Yoga in its entirety is to understand that […]

  • Healthiest Regimen For Beginners

    Healthiest Regimen For Beginners

    If you are on the path of seeking to make your body and mind healthier, then here you will find a guide that will demonstrate the importance of natural substances and provide products links in order for you to live a truly healthy lifestyle. This healthy way of living has been lost to us due […]

  • Astrology and the Master Numbers

    Astrology and the Master Numbers

    Astrology and numerology when understood represent the complex nature of our universe. Astrology as well as numerology have deeper meanings that act as the undercurrent of guiding forces in our lives. If we can break down these meanings we can understand how all the forces of nature come together in the way they do. “By breaking […]

  • Deprogramming From Rumination

    Deprogramming From Rumination

    Rumination can be a problem for many of us, especially those who experience anxiety. Rumination refers to a person who constantly thinks about negative aspects of a particular situation. It is a difficult issue we all face from time to time and it can leave us with spiralling negative thought patterns, which can take away our creative powers. But we are to […]

  • Alan Watts: On Fearing Death

    Alan Watts: On Fearing Death

    The great Alan Watts can always comfort a troubled mind with his powerful and philosophical talks on life and existence. One of his most famous talks of his is that of death, which is the most universal fear of all mankind. It is something that none of us can escape, as it is simply out […]

  • That Sugar Addiction

    That Sugar Addiction

    Always reaching for something sweet ? If you can begin to understand your sugar cravings, you will begin to overcome your sweet tooth. It seems sugar is as addictive as drugs to some people. It must be treated as an addiction as it can be very difficult to wean off of. It seems that when […]

  • Music and Spirituality

    Music and Spirituality

    Good music causes your brain to release dopamine, in the same way it does when you take drugs or have sex. So then what are the determining factors that cause us as human beings to gravitate towards similar music tastes? The way in which we process music in the brain is in the regions of […]

  • Best Hours to Be Awake and Asleep

    Best Hours to Be Awake and Asleep

    Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, there is a general consensus of understanding which provides the knowledge of the best waking and sleeping hours for our bodies and our minds. Morning Light It can be the case for some people that making the transition between being a night owl to an early riser can be […]

  • How Do Crystals Work ?

    How Do Crystals Work ?

    Crystals form over many years, deep within the earth within the forces of solid matter. They form in places that are rich in minerals, usually molten rock. The process in which they are formed usually occurs when hot gases encounter cool surroundings and in turn deposit crystals. The perfect formation of crystals occurs when the […]

  • Cycles of Menstruation (Male and Female)

    Cycles of Menstruation (Male and Female)

    Understanding the cycles of menstruation can be very difficult for some women. They do not truly know what is going on within their bodies as they have never been taught about it in depth. It is important to note not only when its your ‘time of the month’ but also what is happening with your hormones and […]