About me



Hello and welcome to my website! 

My name is Kim and I have many dreams that I work on making a reality everyday…

I am an English honours student who comes from Manchester, England and I am currently 21 years young.

I take pleasure in many things that I feel define me the most:

  • Travelling the world
  • Making Youtube videos
  • Writing articles
  • Having meaningful conversations with people
  • Expanding my spiritual knowledge
  • Creating art
  • Playing computer games (Twitch)
  • Playing with animals
  • Having fun with friends and family

I’m not sure what else to put here, but these feel like the main parts to me which are worth sharing with you 🙂

If I were to express my goals in a more professional way I would say this : I have studied all things esoteric and spiritual for many years now and I am very passionate about the truth being unveiled in all areas of this life. I seek to expand in love and light with all others in this collective consciousness. I hope to write a book someday in the near future as I feel words, written or spoken, are a magical spell and have the power to create love in this world.

Peace and Love