Accepting The Monetary System

There has already been a massive shift in numbers of people waking up to our current system’s reality for years now. Those of us who are awake, it is our job to keep the message of love and spiritual awakening constant, as it is also to ascend any negative ideas we have surrounding money. We are to show others how to use it as a tool to do good for our future. It is very easy to be corrupted by money as we all know, so we are to remember that we are all connected and that whatever good we do in the world, the world will do good for us in return. If a person becomes corrupted by money, it means they have forgotten this aspect of themselves, of infinite joy, and in turn become selfish, angry and sad and do not see that money can also be used as an extension of love.

Try as we might, we are within the monetary system whether we agree with it or not, although it is time for those of us who are awakened to gradually let go of the negativity towards the system. The current way of our society requires that we earn and spend money in order to survive. If you’re feeling like you are lost within the system, or if you struggle for money while at the same time cursing it, then maybe it’s time to ascend from these negative perspectives of our society and start living with a more positive one.

Constantly trying to go against the system and rejecting it can drive anyone insane and lead to fruitless efforts. We are to accept that there is a reason we must live this way within society for the time being, as there is still much for our universal consciousness to learn. Many of us have already seen a better future for ourselves and want to live in it, but until the rest of the world awakens to this fact, then we are to keep utilizing money as a tool and not let it bring our frequencies down.

It is not about fighting the system anymore, we have put plenty of ideas in place for a new world, but only when humanity is ready for this change, only then can it be made. Ideas like The Venus Project can be examples of change, but if they are not methodically put out in tandem with the real needs of the times then there will be still not enough people who recognize this change or even want it, therefore, it may take many more years/decades for it to come about.

This does not mean we have to stop trying to make a better world, it simply means we are not to feel angry and upset by the current way of the world, we are to recognize money for what it is, a tool. Instead of feeling the weight of the lack of dollar bills descend upon us, we are to beat the system by finding a way to make currency for ourselves, and to let that be what really helps us to climb to our destinies and ascend it altogether.

Another important thing to note is that we are to not let money dictate the kind of person we choose to be nor the career we choose to have, but the other way around. It can be a challenge of course not to let this happen, but this is all down to what you choose to believe in. It’s about finding and doing what you most love to do in this world. If you are passionate about something then in doing so you will learn how to make a living for yourself in time. It is all about doing what gives you an harmonic excitement in this life, the kind of that you feel it in your core, not about trying to earn the most money because this is where the system tries to trap us.

“It’s not about working for money, it’s about having money work for you.” – Stephen Richards

There will come a day in humanities lifetime where we may throw away or transform this monetary system all together. A day when we may begin coming back in tune with nature. Our world is governed by synchronicity, therefore, we are not to worry, as what we are experiencing right now is only what we are prepared to do. Eventually we will graduate this level of reality and be ready for other new experiences.

If you can find a way to truly help people in this world whilst earning a living for yourself, then you will be in alignment with our planets current destiny. The fact is for now there is not much we want to do in life without money. But what we can do is to become better human beings that are equipped to deal with the ways of the system.

The time will have come for us to understand what motivation we would be driven by, if it were no longer to be the motivation of money. I believe this is a very important question for us to answer for whenever it comes the time for us to live in a new way.

“We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.” – David Richo

creative brain

Taking the spiritual side of this into a deeper level, money is a currency of the external world. In fact, it is a type of currency that tries to imitate the real currency you have inside. Your innerworld has several other forms of currency that are tied to your own biorhythm which in turn creates joy, happiness, even stillness, and that excitement and motivation which makes you desire to be creative. The more you create your own unique things in life, those which you truly love, instead of working underneath bosses of bosses, the more currency you’ll have. When these ideas are cultivated properly, then we start seeing the fine line between both the internal and external world. Only then can we start noticing more of the differences in our lives. At some point, we can comprehend from experience that we don’t need to chase after money anymore, because we have everything else we need instead, and that’s when circumstances turn around for us.

If you find yourself truly in this loving situation (for yourself) and you really believe in it, then money will come to you instead of you having to constantly struggle for it. We just have to go over the mind barrier created by the system that says money is the real currency and that everyone should earn it, when really it’s just the artificial version of what we already have inside, that which is our true legacy and treasure.

By Kim Stanworth