A Cure For Insomnia And Anxiety: ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is a new phenomenon which aids people into sleep, relaxation and calmness. It is characterized as a pleasurable feeling that begins in the head region and can travel down into the spine and up again for some people. This ‘tingling’ feeling can be triggered in response to visual or audio stimuli.

“My own personal experience with ASMR began as a child. During my primary school days, I would be sat on the carpet for story time, and another child would begin playing with my hair. This caused an entrancing feeling of euphoria and a pleasurable sensation in my head and whole body. I would be transfixed and not want to move due to such pleasurable feelings. In the last few years I began to seek answers for this feeling I experienced, but could not explain. Eventually after having looked on forums in which a few people were experiencing a similar phenomena, I came across a few videos on YouTube that were specifically tailored to triggering peoples ASMR. I began watching these videos every night as they acted as a comfort blanket for me whenever I experienced insomnia or anxiety. The benefits of experiencing ASMR became clear. The discovery of this sensation has helped so many people to experience a sense of relaxation and has helped people overcome insomnia since the feeling is so relaxing that it puts people to sleep. I myself began creating ASMR videos recently in order to express my own individuality and to also give back to an amazing community that I have found much joy within. I make videos on subjects such as philosophy and spirituality. My videos consist mainly of me whispering about these topics in order to enlighten others and aid them with issues such as anxiety, depression, sadness and so on.” – kaysASMR

It is a fascinating subject, with a plethora of new information and experimentations out there as to how each persons ASMR is triggered. It completely varies from person to person as to what ‘triggers’ them the most. Some find that watching someone tap slowly on glass, plastic or even wood can be very soothing. Others experience more visual ASMR as opposed to audio, this entails videos that include substances, materials or colours that have a pleasing effect to the eyes. The concept of ASMR is not yet well known to the general public, but it seems more and more people are becoming aware and even finding that they too experience this wonderful feeling.

If you would like to check out some ASMR videos and whether you experience it also, here are some recommendations: