Healthiest Regimen For Beginners

If you are on the path of seeking to make your body and mind healthier, then here you will find a guide that will demonstrate the importance of natural substances and provide products links in order for you to live a truly healthy lifestyle. This healthy way of living has been lost to us due to the amount of fast food, toxic water and long hours we spend doing things that do not benefit our bodies anymore. If you want to feel better in yourself then begin changing your environments, lifestyle and food. Once you start looking after your bodies and environments better, your mind will do the rest for you.

In order to get back to our true selves we have choose wisely what we are buying and consuming. The big companies of this world revolve around money and not necessarily your health so this is something to really think about. Take the steps of caring for yourself and really questioning what is healthy and what is not and you will seek out the best options.

You will notice that with each of the products and regimens, it is simply about getting back to nature, we are trying to involve water, air, fire and earth into our lives as much as possible, because these are the guiding elements of our existence as well as the suns light.

This is a list of everything that should be taught to us about healthy living but is not. We really ought to be more cautious of the ingredients lists in food.

Start afresh

Waking up just before the sunrise between the hours of 4.30 – 6.30 depending on where you live in the world can be the most beneficial start to your day. You will be more present with the day if you try to implement some of the following steps.

“Slightly before dawn passing through the hours of sunrise is the most purified light emitting from the sun” – Sevan

  • Yoga and/or meditation in the morning, preferably outside.
  • Clean your body completely by scrubbing your skin with natural products that are going to get rid of any dirt and open the pores. Importance of thoroughly cleaning your skin video – Skin Cleaning For Rejuvenation 
  • Drink distilled water and replenish water with mineral supplements (Megahydrate)
  • Eat organic food, try eating fruit, seeds, oats, vegetables etc. Try Giving up meat, sugar, dairy and fatty foods as much as possible. A vegan diet is the healthiest option.
  • Clean your teeth with natural toothpaste. No fluoride toothpaste.
  • Exercise regularly. The more oxygen you breathe in the better and more rejuvenated you feel.
  • Go to sleep earlier. Use an eye cover in order to get the most rested sleep possible.

Here are some natural products links that can be found on Amazon. Most of these products are essential anyway, and the importance of buying natural products instead of those you find in the store with all the chemicals in them, cannot be stressed enough. There are of course a few other alternatives than just this list but it is kept short for now.

Bodily care


Body scrub





Cleansing the body

Water distiller

Complete Internal Cleansing Kit

Colon Cleansing Kit

Parasite Cleansing Kit

The Alkalizer


There are many products listed there but it does not mean you have to buy all of them straight away. Instead, start implementing these into your shopping routine. Buy natural shampoo one month instead of always buying shampoo from the supermarkets, and work towards it this way.

Some more things you should think about are:


  • Clean your environment, use essential oils to implement natural smells.
  • Have more plants in your environment
  • Let fresh air into our house frequently
  • Listen to more pure sounds and music. Sounds of nature or particular Hz frequencies
  • Implement more natural lighting, particularly if you have to use fluorescent lights as these are unhealthy.


  • Get rid of your microwave and do not give it to other people
  • Watch less TV, better yet try and stop watching altogether
  • Try not to sleep with so many electrical items around you, LED lights affect the pineal gland.
  • Try to use headphones with your mobile
  • Do not keep your mobile directly on your person
  • Use your mobile phones less!
  • Turn off the internet at night
  • Unplug anything electrical that you don’t use.
  • Try not to watch a screen (laptop, tv) before going to bed.
  • Read more books.

Although it may seem like rules you should follow, this is not a set of rules. You have the power to choose in all instances of life, therefore, this research and the many practises that have come before it, are your guide to higher consciousness and freedom.

There is more to cover than what this article provides, but these are the essential changes you should start implementing into your life. This list is for people who are already conscious of the benefits of cleaning and detoxifying our water, food and bodies. If you need more information on these topics then watch some of Sevan’s video about healthy living and cleansing:

Cleansing For The Etherial Body Video 

Get In Control (Worms video) 

Take a look at the Internal Cleansing and Purification course here to get more in-depth spiritual knowledge:

Internal Cleansing Innerversity Course 

By Kim Stanworth