Behind The Neon Lights

There comes a time when we are to take a look at our society and see it for what it really is. The positive and the negative aspects that are currently in force. Therefore, we have to ask the question, is our current society a success or a failure in this modern day world? Alan watts seemed to think that so far it was a failure, that we have become less fruitful but more harmful towards our planets existence. He viewed our society as having taken steps backwards instead of forwards in some ways.

It seems we are so busy with the act of buying these days and not really living life in the absence of material things. We use our time to earn money and in turn buy more cars, houses, computers and clothes. This was coined the progression of Los Angelization, in which we fill our cities and towns with just more neon lights, car parks and shops, but ultimately we are just filling up this world with rubbish. Can all of these shops and materialistic items be so useful ? Not as useful and fundamental as it is to actually communicate with one another, to actually spend loving time with those close to us. We are missing out on the connections with one another as humans, the authentic connections, because we are too busy in technology which only creates temporary connections..

As a result of that we carry on searching for more and more we can fill our lives with, especially that which seems easily attainable such as material things. In other words, we have sacrificed our environment, our planet, in order to have more things, and only now are we starting to realise they do no serve us. This is a hollow victory for mankind because although we have become more technically advanced, it does not we really living better lives. Our planet is suffering at the expense of all of our consumption too. The answer is clear, we have lost more than we have gained.

It seems after we’ve spent long days at work in order to attain pieces of paper, we then rush home with the comfort of getting to do what we really want to do, but in fact, all we are doing nowadays is rushing home to watch our televisions.

Maybe if we were working so hard everyday for money, it would be comprehensible to then come home and vanquish ourselves in great pleasures of grand feasts and grand love making, but instead, we watch an electronic screen that replicates the production of life. This experience is not real, what we are watching is an illusion, therefore, less and less experiences in our life are authentic. “It turns out to be this purely passive contemplation of a twittering screen…you see mile after mile of darkened houses with that little screen flickering in the room, everybody isolated, watching this thing.” – Alan Watts

So then, where has the fun and gaiety gone in this world ? We are bombarded with so many people telling us that life is serious and that life is hard, but this is only because of the conditioning we have had from this sometimes joyless existence. Does it really have to be this way, the answer is no. We are intelligent human beings who make our own futures, and we need to start living them for the better.

Everything is made in order to please the eye, that sense that rests upon the surface of things, not within the essence. Therefore, are we committed to the essence or the surface of this world ? We are to find what is hidden behind those neon lights. Its time for us to start turning our lifestyles around and it seems mankind is ready for this shift in awareness. Many more people are beginning to wake up to the fact that this is not the best way for us to be living, it is only a way in which we exist.

Turn your attention towards your own personal powers, the passion and the skills that lie within you and begin cultivating them again. Instead of watching television, spend some time talking to a friend, family member or lover, and see how much more fruitful your conversations become when you really start communicating about your lives and about the real issues in this world.

By Kim Stanworth