Visual Snow / Transparent Energy In The Air

The first time I ever experienced this phenomena I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. It felt as though my vision was about to be taken over by these particles of vibrating energy pulsating towards the center of my vision. Three years ago I had no idea what this ‘vibrating mist’ was and I felt somewhat bewildered by it. Usually it would only occur after exercise and I could only see it when looking up into the sky. Until recently when I experienced the sensation so strongly that my intuition told me it meant something. I took to the internet to solve my confusion and I came across some particularly interesting forums.

I kept quiet about this for a long time after asking a couple people if they saw it too which was of course not the case. New interpretations and ways of describing this began popping up in different forums, and I knew this was a significant happening and I should research further. On some forums it could be called it ‘rain of light’, ‘visible energy’, ‘invisible static energy’ and “what it looks like if you spray perfume and watch the mist fall except it wasn’t as thick” – b00kadict54, psychic-experiences.

Recently I discovered that it wasn’t just whilst exercising I would see this energy all around me, it was simply after breathing deeply that I began to perceive not only the vibrating particles around me but also the glow surrounding objects and people. I know now that this is the more clear signs of my spiritual journey since I have been concentrated solely on my health in both body and mind for the last several months. For me this is just the beginnings of exploring this energy and actually letting go of any fears surrounding it. It feels more like excitement than fear at this point since I know it could be the start of further developing psychic abilities and perceiving unseen energy in my environment.

It’s been several months since I started this process and since then my intuition has become increasingly perceptive in all areas of my life. To practice noticing this one must first clear out all the toxins in the body through the correct diet and continual consumption of clean water. Some more tools I found to be helpful in a person developing these abilities include meditation of course, but also using third eye tools in order to understand what it is to ‘see’ with your third eye. Practise focusing on the black dot in the image below until you see one circle in a purple shade clearly.


Therefore, where is this leading to, if anywhere? I have also been seeing a white glow around objects and people which leads to the understanding of seeing another person’s or object’s on aura. Recently both in meditation and dream states my vision has become clearer, almost like I can focus on one particular thing and see it with 3x magnification.

Of course much of these ‘psychic abilities’ can be met with skepticism or even classed as a ‘disorder’ by some. This is modern sciences way of looking at anything new that is not easily perceived by others. Wikipedia offers this explanation for it:

Visual snow or visual static is a transitory or persisting visual symptom where people see snow or television-like static in parts or the whole of their visual fields, constantly in all light conditions even visible in day-light. The severity or density of the “snow” differs from one person to the next; in some circumstances, it can inhibit a person’s daily life, making it difficult to read, drive, perform routine tasks, see in detail (even in bright daylight) or focus correctly because of afterimages and other visual and non-visual symptoms” – Wikipedia

However, what is crucial to me and what seems to be missed surrounding this phenomena is that I am able to have control over it to a certain extent, I can choose to let it in or not, which would suggest it it very much stemmed in the positive or negative beliefs the person has in seeing or perceiving this type of energy.  As soon as you read the ‘scientific’ view of this visual snow on Wikipedia you are bombarded with words such as ‘disorder’, ‘problem’, ‘disease’ which I am unwillingly to accept at this point since this is a common way for a persons spiritual experiences to be completely dismissed. The label that is given to people with ‘disorders’ such as schizophrenia, bipolar, autism and so on simply entail a person being able to perceive and feel more than others in some respects and for that they need ‘medication’. This is all completely backwards to me and many other people out there and if we can do anything about it then we should not listen to societies ‘labels’ since they simple limit a person.

Looking deeper into all of this research has made me remember and realise that I have been seeing this ‘energy’ since I was a very young girl and there have been years in-between in which this ability faded from me, but as of recently it has come back full force. I can remember at 5 years old laying in my bed in the morning and staring into the space around my room. Since it was not just empty space but rather filled with moving orbs and static like energy it could keep me entertained for a good twenty minutes before I used to go and watch cartoons. This memory is significant to me now and I realise that some people may be born with this type of ability and others are not, but I most definitely believe that this is something which a person CAN develop if they choose to do so.


Kim Stanworth
/Youtuber & Freelance Writer