Alan Watts: On Fearing Death

The great Alan Watts can always comfort a troubled mind with his powerful and philosophical talks on life and existence. One of his most famous talks of his is that of death, which is the most universal fear of all mankind. It is something that none of us can escape, as it is simply out of our control. After listening to Alan Watts perspective on death, you may begin to let go of this ultimate fear and be left feeling free at last.

We have such a haunting fear of death, yet no body knows what is really going to happen when you die. Even religions preach about life after death yet see death as a morbid aspect. Alan Watts talks about how our children are another way for us to never die. We pass on our knowledge, experience and genes onto our offspring and with this they go on to live life and have children and the process is an infinite cycle.

Alan Watts has a wonderful way of using his intonation and choice of words to enrapture the listener. He brings peace of mind to those who are unsure of life and death. Check out one of his magnificent talks on death here on YouTube:


The fear of death is what motivates us to live. Death is not a terrible thing, it is in fact a completely natural experience, as natural and as sure as life itself. The moment you are born is the moment you begin to physically die, therefore, the moment you die is the moment you become spiritually whole again as you are back with the source from whence you came.

There are of course some people who believe there is nothing after death, but then what is nothing? Whether you believe in a type of life after death or not, it is tantamount to let it be and seek comfort in this present moment of living.

Written by Kim Stanworth