Cycles of Menstruation (Male and Female)

Understanding the cycles of menstruation can be very difficult for some women. They do not truly know what is going on within their bodies as they have never been taught about it in depth. It is important to note not only when its your ‘time of the month’ but also what is happening with your hormones and energies for the remainder of the month.

Men are also effected by the menstrual cycle as it is It is not only women who are affected by their hormonal changes, men experience them within their bodies also as they have a monthly hormonal cycle that is unique to each man. Men do in fact experience the same symptoms as women during a cycle (except bleeding) as they too have hormonal changes in their bodies each month that can cause irritability.

The menstrual cycle is about womens’ energy and power; the power to be, to restore, to receive & to create. –Katherine Smith

What we are really going to be looking at here are the psychological and spiritual effects a women’s menstruation can have on her and those around her, instead of the mechanical and biological way of understanding periods which is so often the only thing that is taught.

You will learn, like many before us have, that the menstrual cycle is what your life is based around whether you realise it or not. It is an alchemical process in which woman will go through a transformation, each and every month. This transformation occurs through the shedding of blood in which the past is also shed and the new parts of the woman are embraced, in a sense the women is reborn.

Therefore, it is tantamount to learn how to consciously embrace these changes and let go of all that no longer serves you when the time is right during a cycle. Our bodies have a strong connection to the moon and its cycle, which is actually how women’s menstruation cycles were initially influenced. Our moods and our hormones are triggered by the cycles of the moon and once upon a time all women cycled together. However, our cycles no longer directly correspond to the moon due to the amount of artificial light everywhere, as well as birth control, hormones from food, and lack of connection to Earth.

The most important prospect to note about our periods is that although they seem to come with a list of negative side effects, such as pain, mood swings, intense cravings and irritability, they can be just as positive and up lifting as well. For instance, some women experience positive sensations before, during or after their period, especially if they are more in tune with their bodies. They can experience relief, release, euphoria, new beginning, invigoration, connection with nature, creative energy and much more. This is what we are failing to see and appreciate!

There are many ways to go about understanding and being in tune with your menstrual cycle :

  • More regular exercise, this can even be a great way to relieve the pain felt during your period since it increases the oxygen circulation in the blood.
  • You should avoid using tampons as they are said to increase cramping.
  • Eat healthily. Avoid red meat, refined sugars, fatty foods and milk. Instead eat fruit, nuts, vegetables and seeds
  • Try to avoid caffeine. It constricts blood vessels and increases tension.
  • Try meditating and also massing yourself or being massaged.
  • Avoid the pill as a birth control method or even acne treatment

Another great tip would be to start taking notice of your menstrual cycle and keeping a diary about it. Instead of just noting when you have your period, write down all of your feelings and emotions prior, during and after your cycle. You will amazed at how certain feelings seem to repeat during similar times of the month.

There are four stages to your cycle :

Death Rebirth Phase | Week one (first day of bleeding)

The first two days of our bleeding are an important time for you to rest and allow your awareness to be drawn inwards. This will help you to see the importance of your intuition and feminine wisdom, instead of becoming grouchy and agitated since you have not taken the time for yourself. This is the time to let go of old beliefs or thoughts that no longer serve you. During this time is when women feel most vulnerable and wish to be more quiet and inward.

High Energy Creative Phase | Week two

Increased sexual and creative energy. This is a time to explore creativity and ideas. Heightened awareness or self and others. You may take more interest in your physical appearance as you feel happy and full of energy.

Coming Down Harvest Phase | Week three

This time can be positive or negative, you may have a sense of pride or a sense of failure all depending on what you achieved during your creative peak. This is a time in which you may feel relief or regret at not being pregnant, either with a child or with the seed of creative energy. This is a time for wanting change as things that do not work in your life will begin to show up.

 Distillation and Clarity Phase | Week four

This is again a time for reflection on any lessons you may have learned or may not have. You will either feel happy with where you are at in this month (or more likely in your life) or you will feel fed up. With the positive side you will feel ready to let go and surrender or with the negative side you will feel frustrated and annoyed and less emotionally available to others.

By Kim Stanworth